Captain Ravee


If you are seeking guidance for – 1. Security of your Business 2. Personal Security 3. Security Education & 4. Security as a Career, you may like to contact Capt Ravee.
National security or corporate/industrial security or household security are all equally important as all these complement one other. Risk and threat assessment in all spheres is a must to initiate the process of securing oneself. Security is an intangible tool which is attached with feelings. Captain Ravee is a professional who can sensitise you to draw security plans for your outfit as well as your home which would keep you safe.

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Spirituality is one of the most sought for and at the same time mis-leading word. It is said 99% of Spirituality is Meditation and 99% of Meditation is focusing on your breath’. Most of us are looking for answers to our unending questions and cure for disease. We try to seek these in physical and emotional realms but the actual answer lie in Spiritual realm. Captain Ravee being a Spiritual Practitioner may help in diagnosing the issues and connect you with right Spiritual Guides all over the world.

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If you wish to ask questions regarding biking as a hobby or if you want to know which bike to buy, you may like to contact Capt Ravee.
Relationship between a biker and his machine is the same as is with the man and his horse. One has to stay connected deeply as you see in the movie “Avatar” with your superbike. Before that you must know what sort of bike you wish to own. Captain Ravee with his one decade of superbiking experience while owning around 10 superbikes of different brands and power has the skill and wisdom to guide you to make right investment which may give you best satisfaction.

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If you wish to plant trees and want to stay connected with the world of trees, you may like to contact Capt Ravee.
Trees are grossly misunderstood beings on this planet. On one side we plant the trees and on the other side we massacre the trees for our own comforts, we actually do not know how to treat them. Captain Ravee has planted around 1500 trees in past 3 years and majority of them have survived. He is doing this under the able guidance and blessing of BankhandiMaharaj who lives on an aloof mountain near Sattal, Uttrakhand. Captain Ravee can facilitate interested people in this regard as to what trees to plant, where to source them from and how to look after them.

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If you are forming a RWA or if you struggling to run your society, you may like contact Capt Ravee.
Resident welfare Associations and societies are run in thousands, few run effectively and rest succumb to fete accompli’. This happens due to lack of guidance as no educational institutions have this in their content list. People fight elections to come to power but thereafter do not know how to run it leaving everybody in the lurch. Captain Ravee being a President of Raksha Retreat Owners Welfare Society Bhimtal has accumulated valuable experience for past 10 years and can share the same with interested individuals who wish to gain information on how to run a society efficiently.

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If you intend starting a new venture or if you are struggling with your current venture and want guidance for the same, you may like to contact Capt Ravee.
To start a new business or to provide consultancy with your skillset or to take business to next level are few relevant questions which many people have. While education establishments do give quite a lot of information and know how into various aspects of business but they do not give an insight into the practical aspects of it. There is no hard and fast rule or a strategy as to what area of business one must venture into or what area of consultancy one must start. Sometimes, these answers are sought by connecting to your own gut.

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