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CAPTAIN RAVEE is an advisor and partner to Gerry O'Connell and Associates ( GOCA), a UK based professional outfit involved in community safety, police advisory, security training and Executive Coaching.
Minister of the Interior (UAE)
His Highness Sheik Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Receiving the Queen’s Police
Medal (QPM) from Queen
Elizabeth II
President of Ossim, First Recognised
Security & Intelligence Education
and Training Institute in Asia.
The Founder of GOCA
Gerald O’Connell, QPM, is an International expert in Security and Intelligence.
He worked in 3 major British Police Forces reaching - Chief Officer of Police.
He was the Senior Police Advisor to the Minister of the Interior for the UAE (2002-7).
Has worked all over the world with police forces including London's Metropolitan Police (UK), Washington DC and Fairfax County (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Rotterdam (Netherlands) Jamaica and Mauritius.
He is an expert on the Development of the Global Private Security Industry.  
He has a post-graduate degree in Criminology and Policing from Cambridge University.  
About GOCA
GOCA has been formed to create a global network of world-class safety and security experts to assist Governments, Corporate Offices, MNC’s and Industry to improve the effectiveness of their law enforcement agencies and to assist business sectors to protect their IPR, assets, customers, staff, supply chains, and investors.  GOCA includes top security experts from all over the world, including the UK, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, and Australia. 

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