Captain Ravee


My father’s body odor is still fresh in my nostrils. I would like to say that I got a real loving father and was very fortune to be born to him. I seldom remember him losing cool on me. He truly coached me, mentored me and developed me through all stages of my childhood. He was soft spoken and had clear idea of life as a whole. He was very helpful to one and all and was highly respected in his family and in BSF and force where he worked for nearly 40 years.
I feel, I could have spent more time with him but I was too involved in mundane day to day routine while I failed to realize that I would never meet him in this reality, once he goes which he finally did on 6th Sept 2014. I miss him too much but remember him all the time. May his Soul rest in Peace.
He used to follow the following principles while dealing with me and my younger brother:
1. Cease "put downs" directed toward the child/children and other people living in the home.
2. Never compare one sibling to another.
3. Give as many hugs as possible, especially at the beginning and end of each day.
4. When disciplining, be calm, clear, firm, fast and fair.
5. Listen to the meaning behind the words your children say. What do they feel?
6. Teach that every behavior has consequences, both good and bad.
7. Encourage strength, positivity, helpfulness, humor and compassion by role modeling.
8. Encourage open communication, humor and actively listen.
9. Make time to say, "I love you."
10. Be there to share quality time with your child/children.
Teach, Train and Nourish With Love. Nothing touches the heart more deeply than hearing, "I love you Daddy." I have heard that the gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it. Your children are that gift. Be an active, participating dad. The years fly by too quickly to do otherwise.
Dad, you will always stay there in my heart.
I had recorded his voice in his last few days.