Captain Ravee

Abbhinav Ravee

I strongly believe that a child brings his Karma/fortune with him and it is the child’s soul which chooses its parents before taking birth.
I was still in the Army when Abbhinav was born and then I left Army within one year of his birth. Thereafter, I had to struggle in the civil stream for 5-6 years and Abbhinav had to rough it out with us. He was the one who travelled on a scooter in the intial years of his childhood.
My first son Abbhinav brought fame and laurels for me when he was born. I got my regiment its first Trophy for best marching contingent in Republic Day Parade 1995 which made me famous in the regiment.
Abbhinav is sensible being and he grew up so silently that I did not even realize when he grew big. I always felt and saw as an Old Soul. He was always calm while I used to be a jumping jack many times. I could feel Abbhinav saying “Come on Dad, relax, have a heart”.
We generally gauge people by their physical age but it is actually the Spiritual Age of soul which matters from one is getting all the experiences embedded in the Auric Body.
Abbhinav was a disciplined kid and always used to catch the school bus even when his school timings were one hour before Yash’s school.
I was too busy in my daily routine and business and could not spend much time with Abbhinav other than daily evenings after office hours. I feel that I could have really spent some quality time with him but there is nothing to complain.
Abbhinav was never a spend thrift child, I hardly ever saw him asking for money. He was respectful to his teachers, fellow students and particularly to girls. He is a well-mannered kid.
We consulted a career consultant for Abbhinav who gave him a test and recommended Clinical Psychology as his career. He did psychology from Ambedkar University and then did a successful internship wherein he did very well. However, one day he came to me and asked me fees for a course which he wanted to pursue at Gurugram. On asking, he told me that he wants to do “Audio Engineering” course which I heard for the first time. I used to see him making some kind of music on his lap top but did not know that he would take this as his profession. Abbhinav is now doing job in this field and is keen to pursue this as his career.
Abbhinav is well built, handsome and a good human being. He takes care of himself and is a thoughtful person. He is sensitive to even small things happening in life. He has close set for friends with whom he spends time. He is fond of Non-Veg food and likes to cook on his own.
Abbhinav has good driving skills and is fond of exploring the mother earth.
I am fortunate to have him around me.

Abbhinav Ravee’s appearance in Fireball’s Commercial